Reinspection refrigeration plant

Pressure vessels, pipelines, or installations with a permissible pressure of more than 0.5 bar must undergo a re-inspection according to the Dutch Goods Act Pressure Equipment (WBDA), Article 22, after the expiration of the legal term. The re-inspection is applicable to pressure equipment that has been inspected after commissioning (KVI) or should have been inspected. The owner/end user of a refrigeration system is responsible for arranging the re-inspection. Because PCT Refrigeration Technology aims to provide maximum support in this regard, we can, if desired, manage the entire process for you (planning, application, and preparation of the re-inspection).

During the re-inspection, the following aspects are checked:

  • Previous inspection documents
  • Internal condition (if possible)
  • External condition
  • Support structure
  • Safety of the pressure equipment

PCT Refrigeration Technology collaborates with Energie Consult Holland BV. Energie Consult has been designated by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment as a Conformity Assessment Body (NL-CBI) for conducting these inspections and is accredited by the RvA (Dutch Accreditation Council).