By regularly maintaining your refrigeration and/or freezing installations, you reduce the risk of malfunctions and keep the system in optimal condition. Our service technicians possess the right knowledge, experience, and certifications to maintain your installations. If desired, we can also advise and support you in creating a multi-year maintenance plan (MJOP). This provides a clear overview of the expected maintenance costs and allows for the planning of activities well in advance, seamlessly integrating them into the production process.

As a user and/or owner of refrigeration and/or freezing technical installations, it is your responsibility to ensure that the installations, depending on the system&/en/pages/onderhoud#39;s content, are checked for leak-tightness in accordance with the legal European F-gas regulation (EU) No. 517/2014. This inspection must be carried out by a certified company under Article 19 of the Regulation on fluorinated greenhouse gases and regulated substances in refrigeration installations. Compliance with this regulation is overseen by the Environmental Hygiene Inspection of the Ministry of VROM.

PCT Refrigeration Technology BV complies with all legal obligations and standards, enabling us to develop and maintain all types of installations.