Dynamic, flexible and innovative

Established in 1984, PCT International is a dynamic, flexible company that continuously works to improve products and processes. PCT is involved in cold-store technology in the broadest sense. This is evident from the diversity of products supplied by PCT at home and abroad. PCT has all disciplines in-house, varying from standard refrigeration cells to complex systems, and from advisory services to the repair and maintenance of existing installations.


PCT is your partner for cooling and refrigeration equipment

That is why PCT International BV is your ideal partner when it comes to quality in cooling and refrigeration equipment. PCT sees every customer requirement as a challenge which it meets by coming up with an expertly devised technical solution. We combine knowledge of the industry with innovative technology to find the best way to produce a high-quality yet still economical product.



A horizontal organisation with short lines and motivated expert staff means that PCT is a supplier of cooling and refrigeration equipment with which it is a pleasure to do business.